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Let us take the stress away and have us build your Minmeli WordPress website. Pay for what you need and leave it to our team to make your online presence heard.

We Specialize in Digital Minimalism

Minmeli offers three premium packages suited for all types of businesses who are seeking to create a minimalist, effective, and luxurious WordPress sites. We specialize in beautiful company sites, and high-converting landing pages. Unlike other agencies, Minmeli prides itself with transparent pay-as-you-go pricing. Whether you need a one section landing page or a fifty-page corporate site, we have the perfect package for you.

The Minmeli Website Package

Besides simplicity, minimalism, and speed, our website packages are packed with a lot more features.

Feature Packed

All packages include a set-up guide to purchasing a secured domain and premium hosting plan, one round of revisions, and the ability to add boosters.


Boosters add extra functionality to your packages such as additional pages, blog set-up, and the option for website management.

Design Add Ons

Higher level plans include premium Add Ons, which are specialized design elements for your website.

Mobile Optimized

Not only are our websites feature rich, but also responsive/mobile optimized. 51% of conversation is through a phone or tablet.

Premium Tools

We create websites using premium and licensed tools only. All our tools combined are valued at ₱100,000. Each package is built with these premium tools.

Premium Graphics

We have the best graphic designers on our team. The Enterprise plan includes premium sourced graphics and images. Starter & Business plans include basic image sourcing as placeholders only.

Limitless Styles & Configurations

Beautifully designed web pages that you can even configure as your own.

The Process

Here is a precise rundown on the process.

Step 1

Pick your Package

Choose your desired package based on your needs.

Step 2


Get in touch! We love to get to know your business, goals, and brand. The more we know, the better!

Step 3

Setting Up & Downpayment

We begin contract signing. After which we guide you on how to set up hosting for your website as well as how and where to purchase a domain. We also require a 50% downpayment.

Step 4

Website Design & Consultation

When everything is in order, we start the process of creating your own Minmeli website! After a few days we begin one consultation session to fix any errors and finalize the design moving forward.

Step 5

Handover & Payment

After communicating with you throughout the process, we can finally hand over the website to you. After which, we require the rest of the payment to be given.

Step 6


Boom! Your website is complete. Now what? You can either hire us to manage your website (monthly fee) or do it yourself.

Website Base Packages


A One-Page Premium Website
35,000 Base Fee
  • Home Page (4 Sections)
  • Additional Pages
  • Premium Sourced Images
  • Premium Sourced Graphics
  • Simple Effects
  • Basic Optimization
  • Advanced Optimization
  • Applicable for Add Ons
  • Applicable for Boosters*


A Three-Page Premium Website
55,000 Base Fee
  • Home Page (4 Sections)
  • Additional Pages (+2)
  • Premium Sourced Images
  • Premium Sourced Graphics
  • Simple Effects
  • Basic Optimization
  • Advanced Optimization
  • Applicable for Add Ons
  • Applicable for Boosters*


A Five-Page Premium Website
75,000 Base Fee
  • Home Page (5 Sections)
  • Additional Pages (+4)
  • Premium Sourced Images
  • Premium Sourced Graphics
  • Simple Effects
  • Basic Optimization
  • Advanced Optimization
  • Applicable for Add Ons
  • Applicable for Boosters*


Upgrade your website with boosters. Boosters add extra functionality to your packages.

Additional Page

Add an extra page 3 Section Page to your package. This package includes one extra page to any of our packages.

Basic Blog Page

Add a basic blog function to any package. (A blog page is a section to showcase and create article entries.)


Let us manage your WordPress site for you. (Management includes content updates and or WordPress updates).

Add Ons

Add ons are specific types of graphics / effects that can be added to applicable plans.


Add a visual timeline to any page (company history, events, etc).

Pricing Table

Create a pricing table that consists of 3 sections being compared.

Image Compare

Add before and after sliders to images. This is used to compare two images.

FAQs & Terms and Conditions

We allow one revision round. However, we work with you throughout the entire process to hear your comments, feedback, and concerns.

As previous clients ourselves, we could not find an agency that had transparent pricing or flexible plans. Despite only needing one page, the agency charged us full price. We wanted to find a better way.

Because of our method of “add ons”, “boosters”, and fix page configurations, as well as our minimalist core values, we can easily compute the amount of time needed for our clients.

Moreover, our prices reflect the premium tools, plug-ins, and themes (amounting to over PHP100,000) we use to create a WordPress website. Additionally, our prices include the in house graphic artists & multimedia artists.

Though we advocate minimalism in our designs, that does not mean low quality work. We make sure your website is effective, beautiful, and modern.

No, unless you specifically ask us to make it similar. 

Despite creating websites using premium page-builder tools and templates, we always configure it to match your brand and specifications.

All our websites are built on WordPress. 

We pre-purchases all necessary premium tools, plug-ins, and themes (amounting to over PHP100,000) so you don’t have to.

We require 50% downpayment on any plan at the beginning of the process. Upon completion, the rest of the 50% will be required after handoff.

Payment can be made via BDO, PayPal (Debit & Credit), and GCash.


Though we are capable, we do no offer this as part of our service. Here at Minmeli, we advocate simple tried and tested effective designs.

As of the moment, we do not offer e-commerce shop functions. 

We are currently testing it to see how we can integrate it as a booster as well as the overall “simple and minimalist” framework.

If the site was created in WordPress(.org), yes we can. All plans still apply as we will be building your site from the ground up.

However, this case will be subject to verification depending on the complexity of the original website.

Yes, we offer site management plans for all sites we create only.

Updating your site is time consuming to do it everyday. If you need us to do it, we have the perfect plans for you.

We help and guide you buy your own domain and hosting service.

Hosting is like buying property for your website. It is where your website lives. Hosting allows your website to connect with the internet.

A domain ( is a  registered name for your website. Like setting up a business, a domain is your legal website name and address.


Both domains and hosting are monthly and or yearly configurations depending on the provider. Just like any property you own, there are recurring fees your virtual property and assets (domain & hosting). You are responsible for paying for your own domain and hosting provider. Don’t worry, we will help you get started.

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