Ten Second Animated Images

Create stunning animated images for your brand. Elevate your social media game with motion. Bring life to your art! Simply send us your poster, pick a package, and let us do the rest.

Move Your Business Forward

Animated images are the go-to medium for captivating your audience and followers on social media. Gone are the days when static pictures alone could convey a thousand words. Here at Minmeli, we specializes in converting your static posters & graphics into simple animated images for Facebook and Instagram. We bring your images to life by adding motion to your graphics. Start moving your business forward!

The Minmeli Animated Image Package

Move your business forward. Improve your brand image with motion!

Easy Process

Here at Minmeli, we don't just value minimalistic designs, we value simple processes. Send us your poster and let us know which elements you want us to animate. That's basically it.

Simple Animations

In all our plans, we provide simple motion designs. We are not a fan of over-the-top distracting animations. We make sure we send the right message with the right tools.

Scalable Plans

With our modular plans, you can easily upgrade and increase the amount of elements you need animated.

Modular Animations

All our plans allow you to specify the type of motion you want for your image during onboarding. You can ask us to fade-in elements, rotate shapes, move objects, or pop-in text.


The last thing you want is a heavy file. In all packages, we optimized the final product for Facebook & Instagram. You don't need to worry about file types, file sizes, and aspect ratios.

Premium Sound Design

All our plans offer sound effects to be added to your animated images. We specialize in all types of design, including sound.

Animated Images Plans


Five Animated Elements
  • Five Elements
  • 10 Second Animated Image
  • Square Video
  • Sound Effects
  • Portrait Video Version
  • Simple Music
  • Higher-Level Animations


Ten Animated Elements
  • Ten Elements
  • 10 Second Animated Image
  • Square Video
  • Sound Effects
  • Portrait Video Version
  • Simple Music
  • Higher-Level Animations


Fifteen Animated Elements
  • Fifteen Elements
  • 10 Second Animated Image
  • Square Video
  • Sound Effects
  • Portrait Video Version
  • Simple Music
  • Higher-Level Animations

FAQs & Terms and Conditions

Each plan has a maximum of 1 revision round.

Revision Rounds: Revision rounds all you to completely change all the elements you want versus traditional phase by phase revisions.

Here are Minmeli, we advocate minimalism and simplicity.Thus, our processes are reflected in a similar fashion. We make sure we consult you with the ideal product you envisioned and we execute it how you like it.  

In our experience, one revision round allows Minmeli and You to work together (communication & coorperation) to produce the best results.

We only animate the desired elements on the graphic/poster you send us.

In most cases (where applicable) we add extra graphics such as motion elements.

We do not animate human like animations such as moving people (walking, emoting, driving, etc).

This service is only to add MOTION to your image/graphic.

Here at Minmeli, we provide premium services using professional tools and a library of industry standard design assets. At a fraction of the cost, you are able to take advantage of our tools, years of experience, and professional skills!

Are prices are also modular. You only pay for what you need.

Moreover, our prices are actually very similar, if not more affordable, than the competition. 

Not to mention, our quality of service is 100/100! 🙂

We classify Higher-Level animation in two ways: the amount of elements to be animated, and the degree/type of animation needed for that element.

Number of Elements: Any render that requires over 10 elements to be animated is immediately considered as Higher-Level Animation.

Type of Movement: Any animation that goes beyond transitions of single objects such as moving in, fading in or out, sizing (scaling up or down), is considered Higher-Level of Animation.

Note: There is a limit of what you can achieve with Higher-Level Animation. This will be approved on a case-to-case basis.

We currently do not offer Graphic Design services to the public and therefore can not accommodate those who need a full-service solution.

You may however reach out using our contact form and discuss the type of graphic design project you may need. There is no guarantee that we will be able to assist you until we launch our graphic services to the public however.

It is simple!

Use the contact form below and submit all the requirements in order for us to approve your package request.

We love working with people who think alike.

Give us 24-48 day to get back to you!

Don’t worry!

Not everyone is naturally gifted with creativity.

By default, we will give you a simple animated poster if you have no special/custom requests.

We require 50% downpayment on any plan at the beginning of the process. Upon completion, the rest of the 50% will be required after handoff.

Payment can be made via BDO, PayPal (Debit & Credit), and GCash.

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